Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Birthday Present

My friend Haruka gave me present yesterday. I was very glad. The present is Annasui's nail polish. I like nail art very much. She knows it. She gave me yellow, pink, green, and silver nail polishes. Annasui is a cosmetic brand. I like it very much. Hark also like it. I gave present to her Annasui's mirror as her birthday present last year. I like Annasui's lovely design. I want to buy many cosmetics in there. But, the cosmetics are a little high price. I can't to buy a lot.

Last night, I want to paint my nails, but I have no time. I could not wear nail polish. I want to use it early. The colors are very cute. It looks beautiful. I want to use yellow and silver. It looks cute. I don't like long nails. Short nails are match to cut color. But, I can't to paint well. I want to pint my nails well. I will practice it.

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Went to dinner

I went to dinner with my part time job friend Airi. When we finished part time job, suddenly decided to go to dinner. We were hungry! We went to Kurobouzu. It is yakiniku shop. I went to dinner with Airi for the first time, so I was exciting. There are many kind of meat. For example, beef ribs, beef tongue, pork ribs, breast tender, thigh and so on. I love meat very much. 

I like yakiniku so much, and I ordered many meat with Airi. We ate a lot of beef tongue. Airi and I like beef so much. I tried to eat chicken gristle. It was very good taste! I ordered it again. I like the crunchiness of chicken gristle. I want to go there again with Airi, and eat a lot of meat. 

We talked about clothes, our part time job, and so on. We had a good time. I want to work hard like her. She graduated the junior college, she work hard Ships for to be a employee. I think that she can be a good employee, because she is stylish and kind. It is very important things at Ships. I want to be an employee too. I want to be like her. But, I have to come to university more 2 years. I work hard as part time job.

I want to go dinner with her again, and I want to talk about many things. I like her thinking. I feel stimulus to talk with her. It is good for me.

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My vacation plan

After I take this semester test, I greet the spring vacation. I can't wait it! I'm looking forward to it very much. I want to enjoy this spring vacation. I am going to go many places with my friends. First, I planning to visit Nagasaki with my friends. I like hot spring very much. Shimabara has many hot springs. I want to visit there, and enjoy hot spring with my friends. Also, there are many fresh sea foods! I love shrimp, crab, shellfish, and fish. These are very delicious. Nagasaki is famous for good sea food. I am looking forward to eat delicious sea food. I will go there with my junior high school friends. I want to talk many things. 

Second, I'm going to visit Tokyo. My cousin lives in Tokyo since last year. I love my cousin. I want to shopping in there. Tokyo has many shops. I want to shopping at many shops which there are not in Kumamoto. Now, I want to eat bills's pancake. It looks delicious so much! I have never eat it. So, I will go there, I want to go bills. 

Third, I am going to visit to Kyoto. I will go there with my friend Yuki. I wanted to Kyoto. I have been to Kyoto twice, but I want to go there again! Yuki and I wanted to visit Kyoto when we were high school students. I will visit Kiyomizu temple, Kinkaku, and Shimogamo. I want to eat green tea sweets in there. I can't wait this trip!

Also, I will practice driving my car. I am not good at driving car. I want to drive my car well. I will drive many places with my friends. I will be a good driver. I will go to Aso. I want to drive.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My part time job

I work part time job. In these days, I started new part time job. I am working at clothe shop. I like this clothe shop when I was a high school student. I wanted to work this shop, I applied this shop. Now, I enjoy this part time job. I can wear my favorite clothes which I bought in this store. I like it. 

Before I worked at MK restaurant. I like there very much, and enjoyed work with my friends. But, I wanted to work clothe shop. When I work at restaurant, I could not wear nail polish, light hair color. I like to wear nail art. I don't like restaurant's rules. I want to dress up free. 

Now, I enjoy to wear cute nail. I come to nail salon. There are very good nail stylist. I love cute design nail art. I want to enjoy many kind of nail art. My shop's employees are very cute and stylish. I want to be a stylish person. I want to slim, because I often too eat much. My mother cooks healthy dishes for me. I like it. My mother is very kind to me. I want to cook healthy sweets for my mother.

I will work hard in this spring vacation. I want to get used to new part time job. I will buy many clothes this spring new one. I want to it very much now!

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BR 2-18: The Frog Prince (2005)

"There was a loud crash of thunder, followed by a shower of sparks. The frog had vanished. In his place stood a handsome young prince." (P. 42)

I know this story. When I was a child, I read this story in Japanese. This is very famous story in the world. This is romantic story, because the frog changed a handsome young prince. In fact, the frog was a prince. He was changed to frog by magic. 

One day, Princess Poppy played her beautiful golden ball. However, she slipped and fell into the pond. Her beautiful golden ball flew out of her hands. She was very shocked, because it was her birthday present from her daddy. A talking frog appeared her front. The frog rose out of the pond. Above his head, he held the golden ball. She was very glad.

When I was reading this book, I think that I don't like the frog, and I don't want to pick up my important thing. Poppy is don't like frog too. She was very hard on the talking frog. But, the talking frog was a handsome prince. He became his former figure, thanks for Poppy's kiss. It is very romantic! I like romantic princess story very much. I want to read more romantic story. There is disney movie based on this story. I want to this movie.

Susanna, Davidson. (2005). The Frog Prince. London, England: Usborne Young Reading

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BR 2-17: Chicken Licken (2007)

"The others had seen the acorn fall on Foxy Loxy. Everyone looked at Chicken Licken." (p. 46)

The Chicken Licken lived farm. Many animal lived on this farm. Most of the animals on the farm were happy. But, Chicken Licken wasn't happy. Chicken Licken was scared of everything. For example, he scared mouse, his shadow, the earthworm. I am scared them too. I can understand the Chicken Licken's emotion very much. But, he is too easily frightened. 

One day, estopped by an oak tree. Suddenly, a tiny acorn dropped from the tree, and hit Chicken Licken's head. He was so surprised. he didn't see the acorn, and he thought the sky must be falling. I was surprised his thinking! I never had thought such thing. His imagination is very wonderful. And then he rushed back farm, and he told it many animals. Animals were surprised, and they all went down the hole. 

Finally, an animal had seen the acorn fall on fox. They understood that why the Chicken Licken said such thing. They chased him all the way home. I think the Chicken Licken was poor. He not told lie. I want animals to kind to the Chicken Licken. It is very funny story. I want to read it again. 

Russell, Punter. (2007). Chicken Licken. London, England: Usborne First Reading

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BR 2-16: The Dragon Painter (2006)

"So Chang turned and dotted in the eyes of the jade dragon, the gold dragon, and the red dragon. Chang finished and, a bolt if lighting split open the templed roof." (p. 39)

Chang was a great Chinese painter. His pictures was loved by many Chinese people. His animal pictures were best of all. His butterflies and birds really seemed alive. I am not good at painting pictures. I can't to paint real. If I can paint pictures like Chang, I like to paint pictures. 

One day, he painted the dragons pictures on wall. It looked like real dragons. He painted their eyes, the dragon was moved. I can't believe it. I don't think the painted dragons became real dragon. It is funny story for me, but I want to change real things from pictures. If I have such facility, I everyday paint  delicious foods! I want to have such facility. When I get this facility, I will paint very cute dog. I want to have a dog. 

Rosie, Dickins. (2006). The Dragon Painter. London, England: Usborne First Reading

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